Horticulture in Mission – Trees

Elsie Jack conducts a virtual tour of Mission in order to identify and introduce the audience to trees in the community. She gives information on their historical significance and describes where they are found in Mission. Among the many examples she introduces are Pagoda Trees, the Copper Beech, the Scarlet Oak, the Flowering Dogwood, the Eastern Tulip Tree, the [...]

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Horticulture in Mission – Rhododendrons

A tour of Dr. Jim Marcellus' garden, describing the different types of rhododendrons, hybridizing rhododendrons and propagating, Fern Cliff Gardens, physical description of the flower, survival, Pleka Park, Seado Place, Sawyer’s property, difference between rhododendrons and azaleas, Martin Koop, value of rhododendrons, Dr. McKee, Dick Bill, photographs, Hummingbird Fortune, Mike Trembeth, Professor Hugo Devrese, Alleyne [...]

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