Mission History – Christmas

A number of Mission residents meet at Carrington House to share their personal Christmas memories and traditions. They discuss the kinds of foods and dishes that were prepared, the preparation of various holiday treats and the kinds of gifts they received and bought or made for giving. Specific events associated with Christmas are described, and specific [...]

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Mission History – Quilts

A number of Mission residents discuss the history and design of quilts. Libby Maralles provides an introduction and conclusion. Ruth Cookman talks about small squares and tells the story of Maricinne Quilts of the late 1950’s and 1960’s; Mildred Vollick discusses Quiet Lover, Crib quilts and homespun fabrics; Kim Allen addresses Museum Quilts, Joan Fishleigh discusses [...]

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Mission History – The Sikh Community

Ken and Tok Herar discuss their family's immigration to Canada. They explain the factors that led to the decision to leave India, how they arranged to immigrate to Canada, the reasons for their desire to come to Canada and why they chose to settle in Mission in particular. They discuss the history of the growth [...]

Mission History – Cultural Groups

A number of Mission residents who immigrated to Canada, or who are descendants of immigrants, discuss immigration. They recount which members of their families decided to come to Canada, the reasons why they did so, and when their families arrived in Canada. The also explain why they were attracted to, and wanted to settle in Mission. The conversation [...]

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Mission History – Islam

Two presenters discuss Islamic tradition and religion with an audience as part of a Lifetime Learning program. They describe the origins of Islamic beliefs, sacred texts, important individuals in the history of Islam, and the historical geography of the Islamic religion. They recount the main tenets of Islam, important festivals and Holy Days, as well as customs. [...]

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Mission History – Religious Groups

Five members of the Mennonite community of Mission discuss issues that are significant to the community and also provide some entertainment. The Mennonite Central Committee's organizational, volunteer and charitable work is described, as well as the MCC's Thrift Store. Music is provided by a Ladies' Trio and John and Mary-Anne Toewes. Creative Dance Routines are demonstrated [...]

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Mission History – Divali

Three members of the Indo-Canadian community make a presentation at a Lifetime Learning program about the Indian festival of Divali, known as the Celebration of Light. They discuss the historical roots of the festival, the cultural and religious importance of the festival, and the specific customs, practices and community activities asociated with it. They also describe [...]

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