sky-earth-galaxy-universeWith Harold Rosen

In a day of partisan division and nationalist tension, we do well to ask: How has humanity envisioned ‘One World’? Exploring the roots of Cosmopolitanism, we draw from many traditions. We unearth Indigenous, Classical, Eastern and Western views of a united world – peaceful, just and prosperous. We discover lofty concepts of Ultimate Reality, Human Fulfillment, and Universal Justice – through a panoramic survey of humanity’s visions of solidarity.

Our approach is multi-disciplinary – drawing from religion, philosophy, cosmology and history. The image of One World has evolved impressively, yielding mansions of thought and aspiration. Where has this quest arrived today? Globalists emphasize human rights, consultative governance, earthcare ethics and spiritual development. Conceptual ‘time-travel’ in each session, examining ‘sister heritages’, will bring us well-grounded hope for the future.

Session 1 – Theme Introduction & Global Indigenous Legacies

Session 2 – South Asian Visions from Hindu and Buddhist Traditions

Session 3 – East Asian Visions from Confucian and Taoist Traditions

Session 4 – Middle Eastern Visions from Zoroastrian and Islamic Traditions

Session 5 – Western Visions from Jewish, Hellenic and Christian Traditions

Session 6 – Modern Secular, Baha’i and Planetary Spiritual Views


Date: May 2 to June 6, 2018

Sessions: 6

Day: Wednesday

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Fee: Member $60 or $7 for drop-in

Non-Member $70 or $8 for drop-in

Location: 32444 7th Mission Ave. V2V 2B5