Summer – Fall 2016 News

July-August 2016 Our trusty senior volunteers maintained the garden over the hot summer, by watering when they came in for regular exercise class. Many thanks to them for keeping the plants growing! Unfortunately we experienced more vandalism, with damage to the tomato plants and cages, smashed pumpkins, and plants torn out. Because there was also [...]

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June News

June News                 Front Entrance garden in full splendour for 1st Annual Garden Expo Celebrating Seniors Garden Expo (1st Annual) June 1, 1-3pm A great event, if anything the sun was a bit too hot! We’d like to thank the following: Dan Trayler, Homestead Nurseries, ‘Container Gardening’ Guest [...]

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April Flowers Bring May Showers

Susan & Lexi (front LLC) and FLC students clean up the front bed this spring Great News! We’ve received a grant from the Mission Community Foundation! These funds will go towards making our garden more accessible for those who have a difficult time bending down to ground level. This means RAISED BEDS! Which of course [...]

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Spring 2016 is Sprung!

April 2016 Front Entrance, pinks & purples Lifetime Learning Flower Garden, mulitcolours         April showers! …bring tulips!   Before, perfect for tilling in       The Fall Rye is ready to be tilled under. Ask any of our junior gardeners who did the tilling: What’s [...]

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Fall and Winter Garden Activities

October 2015 – Fall renovations: we have relocated the herbs to the back garden, weeded, and planted some annuals (pansy, ornamental cabbage), perennials (heuchera, Japanese Painted Fern, hostas) and over 150 in bulbs (crocus, hyacinths, tulips, and alliums)! We improvised with Tablespoons from the kitchen for lack of enough trowels. The plot in front of [...]

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Planting in the Front Garden

– A generous donation from Lexi of LLC of squash, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe and patio tomatoes were planted on a super-hot afternoon.  They watered generously but the soil was very dry.  Garden hose, water wand and sprinkler donated by LLC were immediately put to use.  Desera was smiling ear-to-ear as she recalled planting with her [...]

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Our Garden Journal

Our Garden Project - Intergenerational With enthusiasm and great passion a group of eager students and teachers from Fraserview Learning Centre were given permission to use the triangle spaces for a garden plot for some veggie starts. They went to Heritage Park Senior Secondary plant sale on May 7th with twenty dollars given by the [...]

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