Front Garden, bulbs are poking up & some were unearthed…

Front Garden, bulbs are poking up..

January 2016 – The impatiens survived the 2 week break, were a little dry but ok. Daily fussing over them is given by David and the Ethos Practicum students in the Oral History room. They were pinched back a bit to prevent legginess.

The bulbs are already coming up!


and some were unearthed…

February 2016 – FLC students are measuring the growth of the various variety of bulbs coming up in the front bed. The ornamental cabbage and pansies mad it through the winter and are still providing a hint of colour.

Something has disturbed some of the bulbs: squirrels, birds, frost heave?

The soil looks rather washed out, it will need a good top-dressing.


Pansy Planted last Fall

Pansy Planted last Fal

March 2016
Spring is promising to be early and warm this year. The crocuses are blooming! Oh, yeah, the weeds are coming up as well.

Ornamental Cabbage, foliage is stunning (& edible?)

Ornamental Cabbage, foliage is stunning (& edible?)


Overwintering Impatiens, burgundy

Overwintering Impatiens, burgundy…








The potted up impatiens have been put by the front dooors of the school to spend the two and a half weeks during spring break. Some seem to be suffering from blight/fungus, and/or lack of moisture. As Phyllis said, it’s been a lot to ask of a plant to grow under such little light (in the classroom the shutters are closed overnight and over the weekends). Will they make it? (Editor’s note: no, they all succumbed to the blight).

and green Impatirens

…and green Impatiens