October 2015 – Fall renovations: we have relocated the herbs to the back garden, weeded, and planted some annuals (pansy, ornamental cabbage), perennials (heuchera, Japanese Painted Fern, hostas) and over 150 in bulbs (crocus, hyacinths, tulips, and alliums)! We improvised with Tablespoons from the kitchen for lack of enough trowels. The plot in front of the LLC entrance was spruced up as well. Dylan loved digging. Front and back plots were weeded, sage bush was pruned back. Fall rye was planted in the Summit: Distance Learning (new neighbour tenants) front bed, as well as the back plot. The final result was swept clean and all the debris was taken away by Bill.


D. transplanting French Sorrel


Bill Sweeping up










November 2015 – Final tidy up of the LLC Entrance bed, rosebushes were pruned back, bed was weeded.

December 2015 – During this dormant season, things are quiet, however the ornamental cabbage and pansies bring a hint of colour in this bleak grey wet weather. The impatiens which had been potted up and brought in, got a prime window seat during the Christmas vacation.

A few prunings from the Pieris shrubs out front provide foliage to our Christmas Decorations. Some bulbs were exposed: was this frost heave or a furry squirrel?



Fall Rye on Summit Entrance Plot

Snow Bells, how can you not smile?

Snow Bells, how can you not smile?