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Front Entrance garden in full splendour for 1st Annual Garden Expo

Celebrating Seniors Garden Expo (1st Annual) June 1, 1-3pm

A great event, if anything the sun was a bit too hot! We’d like to thank the following:

Dan Trayler, Homestead Nurseries, ‘Container Gardening’ Guest speaker

Bev Funk, Urban Worm Wonders

Megan and student, Water Conservation

Bert Pulles, Denyse Tavener, Communities In Bloom

Donna Gibson, Farmer’s Market

Elspeth Bowers, container plants

Marilyn Johnson, Edge of Suberbia, rare plants

Heidi Smith, Gorilla Gardeners

Susan Tait, Intergenerational Garden & plant sale

Danny Plecas, Mission District ‘Celebrating Senior’s Week’ Committee

Fraserview staff and students for their collaboration

Don Lanoville, piano

Zuzana Tyc, hostess extroadinaire

David Howerton, tech support

Chris & Osa Lindgren, video

Diana Muntigl & Lexi Richards, LLC staff









Exhibitors at the Garden Expo          Dan Trayler ‘Container Gardening’


June 2: Today we cleaned up and renovated a front flower bed. The youth got a taste of hard work and great rewards. If only we rememberd to have taken a before picture. The unsold perennials were transplanted into this formerly neglected bed, which was filled with morning glory and dead heather shrubs.

front renoseedlings

We have concluded that starting seedling indoors is a lot trickier than it seems. Our challenges have been light (school windows are shuttered) and water (especially long weekends). Our failures were certainly not from lack of enthusiasm, curiosity, and genrous donations of equipment and supplies.






June 8: Today we were harvesting potatoes. These were ‘volunteers’ that overwintered from last year’s garden. They survived the fall rye planting and tilling, and have grown huge! Common advice dictates that when the plant starts to bloom, we can start to harvest: other advice is to wait until the plant dies back. We found some spuds to be ready and other to be nuggets. These will be cooked up for the school potluck. Plenty of enthusiasm in the garden today.


June 13-23

It’s officially summer! Along with that bring watering, weeding, and more weeding.


giant pencilscuke trelllis











The pole beans have been planted along with some nifty bean poles: GIANT PENCILS. Thes have been painted by the students, and firmly screwed on to the wooden planter frame. As well, a lovely free-form trellis has been built using reclaimed maple branches and wire, for cukes & melons growing in the tub.

Sad News

The bean poles, trellis and plants have been vandalized over the weekend. The plants were re-planted by a caring neighbour, the trellis re-built, albeit shorter; but the poles were splintered beyond recognition. Again, we were anticipating some unwelcome visitors: squirrels stealing bulbs, potentially raccoons and bears, etc.; but this is very devastating blatant damage. Fortunately the just-completed pallet garden was unscathed. We welcome positive input to this fantastic opportunity for individuals to experience the joys of gardening.

If you want to contribute to the continuity of care of the garden, during the summer; contact Susan or Bill in the 10am Fitness class. You may be attending the building twice a week anyways, so fit in a bit of tending (weeding, watering, harvesting) before or after your class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Harvest will be shared regularly at the sign-in table.

broken pencilpallet garden



Broken Pencil                                                  Pallet garden

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