Muriel Windebank remembers┬áMusic Festivals in Mission. She describes her involvement in the festivals, theior importance to the community, and where the festivals were held. She recounts how they were judged, how they served to focus community efforts, and when they came to an end. On a personal level, she talks about her own career and her mother’s role in her life.

Title: Mission History – Music Festivals
Box: H
File: 1
Topic: Music Festivals in Mission
Interviewer: Margaret Knott
Interviee(s): Muriel Windebank
Date: September 13, 1999
Scope: 1 audio tape; transcription
Length: N/A
Summary: Interviewee discusses the Music Festivals in Mission. Topics include: her involvement in the festivals, when the festivals were held, her mother, when the festivals came to an end, her profession