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Reflections – Our Canadian Experience    

an anthology by Lifetime Learning Wednesday Writers, is now in print.

Copies are available for $12 a copy at the Lifetime Learning Centre. Sales of this anthology will help the Lifetime Learning Centre Society provide on-going writing courses and festivals. To order a copy please e-mail mailto:info.ltlc@telus.net




Reflections – Our Canadian Experience includes poetry and creative non-fiction designed to express our unique backgrounds, thoughts, and memories. The collection contains essential truths about people, times and places and explores a myriad of complex emotions.  Each story and poem is a piece of the Canadian experience, the Canadian landscape as seen through the eyes and memories of our spirited Wednesday Writers.

Contents and Author Profiles

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Authors (l to r) Diana Jewell, Joy Barratt, Rosa Maravella, Bonnie Hamilton, Sharon Syrette, Phyllis Atkinson, Judy Teague, Libby Marcellus, Ron Williams, and Kerry Coast from Electromagnetic Print (digital publishing)

Not present for photo; Joyce Kelly-Gant, Nadine Schollar, Allen Larson

“The Dining Car” and To Ellie with Love Allen Larson was born on his grandfather Christianson’s homestead in Swanson, Saskatchewan. He has lived and worked in most provinces.  In the army during the Korean … he was stationed at various times in Halifax, Valcaartier, Picton, Sydney, Montreal and Kingston.  His occupations included oil exploration, the post office, chartered accounting, and consulting.  After retirement, Allen was appointed by the federal government to the board of Canada Ports Corporation.  As well as writing, Allen enjoys acrylic and watercolour painting.  He has lived in Mission since 2011.

“Looking Back at New Beginnings”   Bonnie J. Finkbeiner-Hamilton retired in 2005 from the University of the Fraser Valley where she instructed adults with disabilities. Participating in several Fraser Valley writing groups and workshops created a later life passion for writing.  She continues to hone her writing skills in creative nonfiction, and occasional fiction.  Bonnie completed her memoir titled Still Here on Friday in 2016.  Currently she is a member of Lifetime Learning Writers and the BC Federation of Writers.

“Growing Up in Doukhobor Country”  Diana Jewell has traveled and lived in many parts of the world, and enjoys her new hobby of studying Art History. She has taught English at the college level and has written numerous articles and a column on health and fitness, as well as published The All In One Guide To Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals for Alive Books.  More recently, she began writing about her life experiences, which she intends to collect into her personal memoirs.  Diana lives in Mission with her husband, Jeff; they are political activists, and have been engaged in trying to bring electoral reform to Canada.

A Needled Craft, Above the Gravel Pit, A Question of Sense, Before I Leave, Light Softly, Shout Out at the OK Corral, Heartbreak Hotel Joy Barratt  After thirty-five years in either an English classroom or as a high school administrator in Ontario, Joy retired to the west coast. Since, she has turned her attention to various modes of writing as a method of espousing creativity. She feels most comfortable with the succinct styling of poetic form.

The Rider, “Through the Garden Gate” Joyce Kelly-Gant writes short stories exploring many genres including children’s stories, physiological studies and creative non-fiction. Joyce submitted and posted several short stories to the Mission Reader’s and Writer’s Festival.  She is a member of the Lifetime Learning Writer’s Group as well as The B. C. Federation of Writer’s.

“Shingle Bay”, “Scaling the President” Judy Teague, nee Hunter, was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and at the age of 11 she travelled to Vancouver, British Columbia with her family – 6 people squished together in the car over the winding, mountain roads. She doesn’t like winding roads.  Her present passion is genealogy and a need to leave reminders to her past.   Judy has long enjoyed painting and drawing and belonged to the Pender Island Art Club after retirement.  Other outlets for her energy have been sports, hiking and climbing adventures, a love of animals and volunteering opportunities

” Cadillacs in the Barn”, “It’s Sure to Freeze Tonight‘   Libby Marcellus the gifts of story- telling by others lit a fire inside her to rewrite short stories as fact based fiction. All her life she watched and listened to the unsolicited words of those around her.  By listening carefully, she gained an insight in to herself and her reactions to a life filled with mystery and curious events.

“Mountain Christmas” Nadine Schollar has been writing fictional short stories as a hobby for most of her lifetime. She has, within the last two years, published two short stories on Fan Story.  Mountain Christmas is another fictional story which is based minimally on fact.

Granny, Mud Drags, Love Phyllis Atkinson was born in central Saskatchewan near the edge of the boreal forest. She acquired her degree after raising four children.  Although writing has been a long-term interest, she has only recently begun to seriously pursue the activity.  Other interests are genealogy, quilting, reading, walking and volunteer work.

“The Axe”, “Dreams of Greatness” Ron Williams was born and raised in Saskatchewan and moved to British Columbia in 1977. He spent over thirty-five years as a manager in the Criminal Justice System. He earned a Master of Social Work degree and  worked with both youth and adult offenders in both provinces. When he retired in 2003 he was left with many untold humorous and emotional stories about his career experiences and  the people that he encountered. As a novice writer, he wrote a series of short stories  that reflect many of these human experiences. Putting these stories to paper has been a new and exciting experience for him.

Food Attitude, Cultural Shock, Twilight Projections Rosa Maravella came to Canada from El Salvador 32 years ago. She has lived in Abbotsford, BC most of the time and alternately in Vancouver.  Rosa wrote her first poem when she was 18 years old and she won the first prize at a local radio station.  She has published 2 poems with the Polar Expressions contest:  “Magnetic Wonder” in 2014, and “Victory” in 2016.  Rosa enjoys meditating about the amazing British Columbia landscapes.

“It All Started”, Remembering Women Sharon Syrette is an author and community historian; she writes about everyday people and places. She encourages everyone to learn about their ancestors, to write their stories and memoirs and to record oral history.   Sharon grew up on Vancouver Island and enjoyed a long career as an educator in public schools and  adult education.   She came to Mission in 1975.  Her volunteer activities and community history projects have been recognized with numerous awards.

Reflections – Our Canadian Experience, an anthology by Lifetime Learning Wednesday Writers, is now in print.

Copies are available at the Lifetime Learning Centre. Sales of this anthology will help the Lifetime Learning Centre Society provide on-going writing courses and festivals.

To order a copy of the book by e-mail please click on mailto:info.ltlc@telus.net

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