With Harold Rosen

What brings about creative episodes in humanity’s journey across the ages? World history shows remarkable periods of extensive learning and cultural refinement – inspired by religious renewal and spirituality.  Each religious civilization can be viewed in ‘seasonal’ terms – going through a spiritual spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Let’s take an eagle-eye look at several Spiritual Summers, Renaissances or Golden Ages – including Israel’s United Monarchy… Classical Persia… Athens and Alexandria… Gupta India… Tang China… Christian Byzantium… Charlemagne’s Europe… Islamic Persia and Spain – then we’ll share futuristic glimpses of a possible Global Civilization. This stimulating survey will cast light on humanity’s quest for a constructive breakthrough today.

Date: January 30, 2019

Day: Wednesday

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Sessions: 7

Fee: $60 Member $70 Non-Member

Location: 32444 7th Ave. Mission V2V 2B5


Session Themes

  1. The Rise, Fall & Renewal of Civilizations
    Religious Civilizations in ‘seasonal’ terms – spiritual spring, summer, autumn & winter…                           
    Spiritual Summers as Golden Ages
  2. Israel’s United Monarchy & Classical Persia
    David & Solomon in Israel… Cyrus & Darius in Zoroastrian Persia
  3. Hellenic Centers of Learning – Athens & Alexandria
    Periclean Athens & its Cultural Legacy… Northern Egypt’s Metropolis of Learning
  4. Eastern Golden Ages – Gupta India & Tang China
    Spiritually Motivated Rulers & Patrons of Arts & Sciences in South & East Asia
  5. Early Christianity East & West – Justinian’s Byzantium & Charlemagne’s Europe
    Eastern Christendom centered in Constantinople… Western Christendom centered in Aachen
  6. Early Islam East & West – Baghdad’s House of Wisdom & Cordova’s Cultural Legacy
    Eastern Islam centered in Baghdad… Western Islam centered in Cordova
  7. Prospects for a Dynamic Global Civilization
    Considering possible dimensions of Global Governance, World Culture & Learning

About Harold Rosen

Harold Rosen is a community interfaith educator. He teaches and designs courses on world religions, the founders of major faith traditions, interfaith cooperation, ethics and virtues, religions and civilization, comparative prophecies, spirituality and science, evolution in nature, society and religion, Islam and the West, women mystics, and interfaith history.

Rosen has three master’s degrees: one in education, one in religion and one in philosophy. His most recent book is Founders of Faith: The Parallel Lives of God’s Messengers (2010).