On-Line Course: How Can We All Get Along? Religious, Spiritual & Secular Belief-Groups

    With Harold Rosen Today’s diversity of outlooks and worldviews poses significant challenges and opportunities.  In both our local and global contexts we find a stunning variety of belief-groups – identifiable as Religious, Spiritual, [...]

Geri-arctics Ellesmere Island Expedition

With Chris Cooper Join us on a journey of discovery to the land of the ice bear. Local adventurer Chris Cooper will recount his eighth journey to Canada's High Arctic along with some great friends [...]

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Fashion of the Ages

      With Karen Edberg-Lee Session # 1 - The history of women and trousers - the long and short of it.  (both history and hemlines. Session # 2 - Coco Chanel:  her impact [...]

Travel on the Aurora Explorer

With Elspeth Bowers This is a working boat that carries freight to small camps and communities up along the rugged mostly uninhabited coastline of the Inside Passage. For More Information on Aurora Explore Click Here [...]

Bus Tours Winter Spring 2020

The Red Violin – Classical Coffee Concerts at the ATC Date: January 30, 2020 Day: Thursday Time: 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Fee: Member $47 Non-Member $52 Includes Concert Ticket and coffee and tea prior [...]

The Healthier Living Workshop Series – PLANNING FOR SPRING CLEAN-UP

    With Jason Wong If we have trouble letting go of things, we are always on a search and find mission, this workshop will discuss realistic ways of gaining control of our living space [...]

The Healthier Living Workshop Series – HAPPINESS BY DESIGN

    With Jason Wong Happiness is a state of mind that must be chosen and reinforced with action, often on a daily basis. It becomes important to increase the amount of positive experiences, engagement, [...]

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