Nordic Pole Walking Group

New Walker Welcome – Bring Your Poles and Join Us

Meets every Wednesday 9:00 AM at Fraser River Heritage Park Parking

One hour pole walk on the Heritage Park Trails




Free Program

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Map for Parking Lot at Fraser River Heritage Park

Location: 7494 Mary Street,
Mission, BC  V2V 4J5




What is Nordic Pole Walking?

Nordic Walking is a complete sport:

  • accessible to all fitness levels and with multiple health benefits: cardio endurance, muscular strength & toning, posture improvement and enhanced of your overall state of mind;
  • with the use o specialized poles activating nearly all your muscles while minimizing the impact on your joints.
  • Originally, in the early 1990s, Nordic Walking was developed in Finland (hence the term Nordic) as a form of summer training for cross-country skiers. The sport has since become more popular and is now gaining  followers across Canada.

Nordic Walking Poles differ from hiking, trekking, or ski poles. They are adjustable, ultra light, and fit each individual so as to engage more than 90% of all body muscles. Millions of Europeans use Nordic Walking Poles, walking for health, fitness, and social enjoyment. Statistics show that Nordic Pole Walking is the fastest growing outdoor activity on the planet.